Hybrid Cloud and Cloud-Native Apps On-Premises with Stratoscale

In today’s world, fast and agile are two of the biggest differentiators that separate a successful company and their failing competition. Software, cloud-native applications, and hybrid cloud are enablers of that agility and competitiveness. Stratoscale’s software is what enables cloud-native applications to run on-premises in the exact same way that they do in the public cloud. In the interviews below, Scott Lowe of ActualTech Media interviews Stratoscale’s CEO, Ariel Maislos, on the state of cloud native, how hybrid cloud is benefitting companies today, and the future of the Stratoscale solution.

Hybrid Cloud of the Future

With Stratoscale hybrid cloud on-premises, you’ll gain freedom for your applications and make your developers more efficient than ever before. In the video below, Ariel talks about how Stratoscale allows you to run Kubernetes, container registries, queueing services, MySQL, MariaDB, PostgreSQL, and many more AWS API-compatible solutions in your own on-premises datacenter. You’ll also learn about what Stratoscale is working on next!

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Rapidly Deploying Cloud Native Applications with Stratoscale

In this next RoadCast interview, Maislos talks about how Stratoscale is making developers’ lives easier, allowing them to deploy more complex applications with less effort. You’ll also learn how cloud-native apps leverage code + cloud services like databases, identity, load balancers, container runtimes, etc., to make application deployment fast and easy!

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