How ZeroStack Is Unifying Application Development And IT With Next-Gen Private Cloud

Bridging the gap between application development teams and IT is a priority for many organizations. App development teams want to be able to move fast, but in order to do that they need the right resources available on demand. IT teams, on the other hand, have processes in place that must be followed, which typically take time.
During our recent RoadCast, we spoke with David Greene, CEO of ZeroStack about this widespread issue who pointed out that what App Dev really wants is a private cloud environment that looks, functions and feels like a public cloud. App Dev wants an AWS-like experience, Greene says, with unlimited resources being available in real time.
And that’s where ZeroStack’s focus is. The company offers a private cloud environment that gives IT the control, security, oversight, cost control and compliance they need, while allowing application developers to create their preferred workspaces very quickly, complete with the tools and technologies they rely on  all in a safe, secure environment.

ZeroStack’s Next-Gen Private Cloud

Private clouds are still a big undertaking for many organizations, especially if they want to do it right. As Greene explains in the video, private cloud takes a sizeable specialized hardware investment along with a pile of software licenses for different components that have various degrees of integration. On top of that you need experts who can not only put all of it together, but run it on an ongoing basis. all of these pieces have help many companies back from investing in their own private cloud environments.
ZeroStack is hoping to change all of that. The company’s take on the private cloud is to make the software operations simpler while utilizing a more flexible hardware solution.
Greene told us that they’re working on developing the idea of a self-managed private cloud that behaves and coexists well in the current infrastructure that’s already in place. Working off of industry standard hardware in order to avoid vendor lock-in, and a cloud operating system that is resilient and self-managing. ZeroStack is combining this with a cloud application that can handle the ongoing management, monitoring and recommendations along with a self-service user interface that offers that public cloud-like experience.
The goal for the company is to enable IT departments to become service providers within their organizations using ZeroStack’s private cloud solution, essentially enabling IT as a service.
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