Free eBook: The Gorilla Guide to... VMware vRealize Operations by vExpert, David M Davis

After publishing over 50 blog posts on VMware vRealize Operations Manager and after working with the solution for 3+ years, I decided to consolidate that knowledge into a book. My hope is that, out of this book, many more IT Professionals can learn the value of VMware vRealize Operations, its ease of use, and how it can help them to transform their IT operations.
The new Gorilla Guide to… VMware vRealize Operations was designed to be helpful whether you are just getting started with vROps or whether you already have vROps deployed in your datacenter. For those who are new to vROps, the book will walk you though how to get started with vROps, how to deploy it, and how to configure it. For those who already have experience with vROps, the Gorilla Guide will walk you through configuring some of the more advanced features of vROps and what you need to know about the latest and greatest features that are now being offered with vROps 6.7 to allow you to enable self-driving operations in your datacenter!
In the book you’ll learn:

  • How to get started with vRealize Operations
  • How to deploy and configure vRealize Operations
  • What’s new in vRealize Operations 6.7
  • And much, much more!

The best thing about this book is that it’s completely free (thanks to VMware) and you can download the PDF, Kindle, or EPUB editions of the book here -> Gorilla Guide to… VMware vRealize Operations

(and no, you don’t even have to enter your email address to download it!)
If you have questions or comments about the book, always feel free to connect with me on Twitter (@DavidMDavis) or LinkedIn (