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Focus on Your Business, Rather Than Managing Storage, with StorPool

Unless you’re in the data storage management business, why would you want to spend time managing your storage? It’s a question StorPool asked from the beginning, and why they built a platform to remove the storage management burden from your shoulders.
StorPool CEO and Co-Founder Boyan Ivanov joins ActualTech Media Partner James Green to chat about that topic in this Spotlight Series video. StorPool provides block storage (i.e., databases) for demanding workloads at scale.
StorPool’s focus is on companies that need primary (also known as Tier 1) storage that’s lightning fast and scales well. StorPool, Ivanov says, makes your storage issues disappear, helping you focus on building your company. It might also help your IT team get more sleep, rather than worrying about storage issues!
Click on the video above to watch the whole interview.