Fastest Filesystem on the Planet? Yes, Says WekaIO

“IO Starvation” sounds like some kind of dystopian novel! But in reality, it’s a serious issue facing data centers, and it keeps your applications from operating at peak performance. In this RoadCast video, Richard Dyke, VP of Sales at WekaIO, talks to ActualTech Media Partner David Davis about how WekaIO tackles this issue. Their solution speeds up your applications by eliminating the file system as the bottleneck. Dyke profiles the company and discusses some of the common use cases for WekaIO.

In this video, Dyke goes in-depth as to why WekaIO believes they have the “fastest filesystem on the planet.” Among other innovations, WekaIO has written their own IO and network stack. ActualTech Media CEO Scott D. Lowe points out that this allows them to bypass the kernel entirely, eliminating a layer of latency. Dyke also goes through the diagram and explains how their product enables the incredible speed improvements that customers are seeing.