How Elysium Analytics Helps Secure Your Data Center

Fewer issues are more important these days than security. The growth of both data and cloud computing mean that there are more vulnerabilities than ever before in the typical data center. Elysium Analytics was formed to address this crucial and growing concern.

In this introductory RoadCast video, Elysium Vice-President Satish Abburi, and Director of Analytics Chris Berry chats with ActualTech Media Partner David Davis about SIEM (security information event management), and how Elysium helps companies get, and stay, secure.

In the next video, Satish and David dive into the specifics of the Elysium solution and how it works. It’s built on open source software, including Hadoop and Big Data, and layers analytics, machine learning and cognitive services on top. Elysium is scalable and extensible, which is a must-have these days.

In the third segment, Chris talks about the “open data model”: what it is, and why it’s important. With data coming in from everywhere, SIEM systems need a way to deal with it and provide actionable information. See how Elysium is innovating in the security space.