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Elisity Says That Proper Security Means Trusting No One

“All of the work that’s done to secure assets is great, but all it takes is exploiting the weakest link in the chain.” That’s the governing philosophy as expressed by Elisity CEO James Winebrenner, and it’s why Elisity focuses on the “zero trust model.”

“Zero trust” is a hot industry buzzword at the moment, but it has a specific meaning for network security, as Winebrenner discusses with ActualTech Media Partner David Davis in this episode of “Spotlight Series.”

“Our approach,” Winebrenner says, “is saying that enterprises need to not trust any of their underlying networks.” This distinguishes it from the traditional view of security that you could trust people or devices inside a network firewall. Those days are long gone, and zero trust is a necessary starting point for every organization.

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