DriveScale Releases Customer-Driven Advancements in Fall Edition of its SCI Platform

Software Composable Infrastructure (SCI) is the underlying innovation in the DriveScale System, and it could be the key to unlocking the promise of big data for mainstream enterprises. SCI enables organizations to combine compute and storage resources into “physical” servers and clusters in any ratio needed to meet the demands of modern workloads.
With tightly integrated software and hardware components, SCI provides data center administrators with the efficiency, economics, and security enjoyed by hyperscalers like Google and Amazon, as well as the agility and elasticity of the public cloud, ultimately ensuring that critical resources are no longer trapped in silos.
I enjoyed getting a close look at DriveScale as a delegate at Tech Field Day 12, where DriveScale presented. It was a new idea to me, and took a few minutes to wrap my head around. For an 8-minute overview, courtesy of CEO Gene Banman, watch this video.

The Fall Edition

This week, utilizing what has to be the most interesting versioning system I’ve seen this year, DriveScale announced customer-driven enhancements to its flagship product in “The Fall Edition!” The latest version of the DriveScale System includes:

  • A new HDFS plugin that Improves mission-critical resiliency, achieves optimal composability within storage racks and ultimately ensures the availability of company data in the case of a server failure.
  • The introduction of QuickCluster: One-stop cluster creation that improves overall user experience by enabling users to quickly and efficiently create a cluster without first being required to set up node or cluster templates.
  • Fast and easy scaling of the cluster with enhancements to the software console that allow for easy additions of servers and storage to an existing cluster, making it easier to scale as the needs of the cluster evolve.

In addition to these enhancements, DriveScale has also announced that is has achieved certification on Cloudera Enterprise.
I’ll be keeping a close eye on DriveScale as they continue ramping up. I really like the approach, I like seeing progress with announcements like these, and we know that composable infrastructure will certainly have a place in many data centers of the future.