DriveScale and the Future of the Data Center

The data center is changing fast, to meet the changing needs of organizations. ActualTech Media CEO Scott D. Lowe recently interviewed Gene Banman, CEO of DriveScale, about his company’s innovative offering in the area of software-composable infrastructure. Banman explained how composable infrastructure helps companies make better, more efficient use of resources, the ways in which some customers are using it, and why DriveScale can be thought of as the “Play-Doh” of  the data center.

In the second part of the DriveScale video, Banman dives deep into the product’s architecture to show the traditional (i.e., slow and inefficient) way of doing IT, and how DriveScale improves on that model. Banman discusses how organizations have typically bought far more capacity than needed, only to see it sit mostly idle. Using software composable infrastructure, each application gets the resources it needs when it needs it, and the hardware is properly maximized, eliminating the need for over-buying. He also discusses a concept most will not have heard of, called an Ethernet Box of Flash (eBoF). You’ll be surprised at what it can do for you!