085 - Don’t be Scared of Security

There are many things to be worried about these days when it comes to IT security. There’s so much to know that it can be difficult to even know how to get started. As ActualTech Media Partner James Green says in this edition of “10 on Tech” with Devolutions, doing nothing means possibly leaving an attack vector left open. But the risk of doing something, and doing it wrong, can also leave you vulnerable.

That’s why security can be terrifying. Maurice Côté, VP Business Solutions, Devolutions, and James talk over some basic strategies companies can apply to build a solid foundation of security.

They wade into topics like user access, passwords, remote access, and more. If you’re experiencing “paralysis by security analysis,” this episode is for you.

Highlights of the show include:

  • Applying the “least privilege” principle to user accounts
  • Protecting against “spear-phishing” that targets specific privileged accounts
  • Benefits of a centralized logging system
  • What “account brokering” is, and how it can help keep passwords safe
  • The crucial importance of secure remote access

Resource links from the show:

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Devolutions Remote Desktop Manager — https://remotedesktopmanager.com/

Devolutions Password Hub — https://password.devolutions.net/

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