050 - Disrupting the Cloud 1.0 Giants

Chances are, when you think of public cloud storage, you think of the “big dogs” like Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure and Google Public Cloud. It’s Wasabi’s mission to get you to break out of that narrow mindset and think of them as well.

Those providers have drawbacks—serious ones—for organizations. You need to understand, going in, what you’re getting yourself into.

But there are alternatives, and one of those is Wasabi, which calls itself the “Hot Cloud Storage” company. They claim to be up to six times faster and 80 percent cheaper than AWS. Those are bold claims. In this episode, Wasabi CEO and Co-Founder David Friend unpacks those claims and explains why you could be saving huge amounts of time and money by expanding your choices.

Show highlights include:

  • What cloud backup used to be like
  • How Wasabi got its start
  • The company’s explosive growth curve
  • What makes Wasabi different
  • How Wasabi manages to keep prices so much lower than the public cloud storage giants
  • How unlimited free data egress changes the game
  • How you can run an app on Amazon and still use Wasabi for the storage part

Resource Links:

Wasabi — https://wasabi.com/

Free Trial — https://wasabi.com/sign-up/

Wasabi Case Studies — https://wasabi.com/resources/?case-study#

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