Directus: Make Any SQL Database an API

On its website, Directus says “Our mission is to democratize data for everyone.” But what does that mean, and what does it look like? Those questions are answered in this Spotlight Series video from ActualTech Media.

Ben Hanyes, Directus’s Co-founder & CEO, says that his platform can “layer on a SQL database and provide a full-featured data toolkit for engineers as well as business users.”

Directus is open source, so anyone can download and start using it. Directus manages everything in a SQL database, Hanyes explains, and use cases include content management, Internet of Things (IoT) data management, and more. It can create an API out of any SQL database, so its uses are essentially only limited by the user’s imagination. Hanyes says that the ultimate vision for Directus is to “virtualize all business data, no matter where you store it.”

That’s a lofty goal, but worth reaching for. Click on the video above to watch the whole discussion.