Cohesity Unveils Its Data Center On Wheels - Sneak Peek!

Mobility is an industry buzzword now — mobility of apps, of data, of users, of… well, you name it. And it’s something that Cohesity is taking more seriously than most. So seriously that they’ve built a complete data center inside a tractor-trailer.

Cohesity, a platform for consolidating and protecting secondary data, took ActualTech Media Partner David Davis on a tour of its mammoth new vehicle. Principal Technologist Jon Hildebrand showed David the ins and outs of the data center, and what special requirements are needed to fit an enterprise-level setup into a moving, cramped space.

Cohesity had to innovate in a number of ways to ensure the stability and solidity of its equipment in an environment that features lots of bumps and rattles, not to mention a complete absence of wall plugs! Their rolling data center is subject to the kinds of stresses most shops will never see, and need to be architected from the ground up with those limitations in mind.

ActualTech Media was honored to get a behind-the-scenes look at Cohesity’s “Mobile Demo Center,” as they’re calling it, and we came away extremely impressed with the technology behind it and effort it took to put it together. Hildebrand said the truck will be criss-crossing the country in the near future, so keep an eye out!

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