Cohesity Offers Lightning-Quick Restores

Cohesity is known for its superior backup and disaster recovery abilities, and rightly so. But they do a lot more than that, and Principal Technologist Jon Hildebrand talks with ActualTech Media CEO Scott Lowe about those things in this RoadCast video. One highlight is Cohesity’s Instant Mass Restore capability. Backups have been around as long as data has existed, but not until recently has the ability to restore that data after an outage been as lightning-quick as Cohesity makes it. Watch the video above for more.

In the companion video below, Cohesity’s Christian Paulus, VP of Product Marketing, introduces us to the Cohesity Cloud Backup Service. It’s a brand-new service that represents Cohesity’s first Software-as-a-Service offering launched in the public cloud, and it’s aimed at users of the Google Cloud Platform, or GCP. Its goals, as laid out in the video, are to protect data in GCP; provide multiplicity for backup; and operate as a cloud-native service. Click on the video below to learn more about it.