Cohesity Accelerates Growth With Major Wins In Secondary Storage

Today’s enterprises are burdened with unprecedented amounts of data. In addition to primary storage for production applications, secondary data is growing at an alarming pace, accounting for the bulk of enterprise storage capacity needs.

The problem with traditional secondary storage solutions is that they’re typically fragmented into silos. A separate appliance for backups, one of archives, another one for file shares, one of analytics and yet another one for test and dev copies. This redundancy makes secondary data the same way we store primary data extremely inefficient, complex, and difficult to manage.

Cohesity is on a mission to redefine secondary storage in the enterprise. The company’s web-scale hyperconverged platform is designed to consolidate all secondary storage data, including data in the cloud, so it can be easily managed under a single UI. Cohesity’s scale-out platform offers pay-as-you-grow capacity, global deduplication and compression, erasure coding and more. And it works equally well with distributed files and objects.

During our recent RoadCast video tour, we met with Cohesity’s team to learn how the company is reshaping the secondary storage landscape [Watch: Remaking Secondary Storage with Cohesity]. We also spoke with Cohesity’s founder and CEO, Mohit Aron, to learn about the company’s success stories and metrics from the past year.

Mohit tells us Cohesity has seen 600 percent growth in revenue just in the last year, and in the last six months the company has doubled its staff, with most of the growth on the business, sales and marketing teams. Just six months ago, Cohesity’s team was less than 150 people; today, the company has over 300 employees.

The CEO also points out that 70 to 80 percent of Cohesity’s customers are large enterprises, including big banks, law firms, technical companies, large healthcare providers and others. This alone shows that Cohesity has proven itself to enterprise customers, including international organizations.

In the video, Mohit also lists some of the biggest awards and recognition Cohesity has earned in recent months. Forbes included Cohesity among the 25 next billion-dollar startups of 2017, NetEvents recognized the company with its Innovation Leader Award in the Cloud & Datacenter category, and earlier this year, Cohesity won the Tech TrailBlazer Storage award for its radically efficient approach to storage.

In the near future, Cohesity plans to expand on its vision of redefining secondary storage, going beyond its current capabilities to offer better support for all of the secondary storage categories across the board. The company is also planning on continuing its international growth, specifically in Europe and Asia Pacific markets, says Mohit.

Watch the video to learn more and visit to get started with consolidating and simplifying your organization’s secondary storage.