Cloudtenna Brings Order to Enterprise Search Chaos

ActualTech Media CEO Scott Lowe has a problem: he can’t find the stuff he needs. His files are scattered everywhere – email, Slack, Dropbox, etc. He wants a simple solution, so he asks Aaron Ganek, co-founder of Cloudtenna, if he can help. Cloudtenna offers what Ganek calls in this RoadCast video “search one and done.” It’s the ability to go to one repository and get that file you need moved to the top. It makes your daily workflow much more efficient, saving you gobs of time. It’s a true eye-opener.

Cloudtenna searches all the places you store files, as Ganek explains to Scott in this video that goes deeper into Cloudtenna’s technology. He talks about how Cloudtenna works behind the scenes, connecting to the various places that have your stuff. Although at first glance it may sound simple, in reality it’s extremely complex work to index the massive amount of files that companies have on-premises and in the cloud. Cloudtenna simplifies the process and presents an intuitive interface that will make Scott’s work life — and yours — easier.