Citus Data Takes PostgreSQL Databases to the Next Level

Citus Data says it provides “worry-free Postgres for SaaS.” But what exactly does that mean? ActualTech Media’s David Davis asks Co-founder/CTO Ozgun Erdogan that question in the first video of this RoadCast episode.

Ozgun explains that Citus solves a big problem: that PostgreSQL scales up, but not out. With the Citus extension, that challenge is overcome. Watch the whole video for more details.

In the next video, Ozgun goes in depth on Citus architecture. It’s a process that divides up and parallelizes the database, providing performance that would otherwise be impossible.

In the final video explaining Citus, Ozgun discusses why his company open sourced their solution. He also talks about the pictures on the wall, and explains to David what a elecorn is!