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Buurst: Data Management at the Edge and in the Cloud

In today’s modern IT infrastructure, it’s critical for enterprises to be able to a) store data both on- and off-premises, and b) move and manage that data effectively. It’s a cloud and edge computing world, after all, and data is at the center of it all.

Buurst exists to help with both of those tasks. Its products, including both SoftNAS and Buurst Fuusion, give you complete control over your data, no matter where it lives and moves. And in this “Spotlight Series” video, we peek under the hood of these Buurst offerings.

Marc Palombo, Chief Revenue Officer, and Stephen Spector, VP of Marketing, discuss the ways that Buurst helps companies achieve high performance and high availability for both cloud and edge environments with ActualTech Media Partner/CEO Scott Lowe.

The whole interview is available by clicking on the video above.