Barefoot Networks and Fully Programmable Switches

Imagine changing your data center networking on the fly: altering the way the data plane processes packets, or introducing new protocols, for example. Or scaling up your network and introducing new efficiencies. This is the promise that Silicon Valley startup Barefoot Networks wants to fulfill.
In this RoadCast video from VMworld 2018, Barefoot Director of Product Management Roberto Mari talks with ActualTech’s David Davis about the Tofino programmable ethernet switch. One of Barefoot’s goals is to make programming the network as easy as programming a server, a part of the growing trend of “infrastructure as code,” and Tofino is the key to that vision.
Watch the video to find out more about Tofino, Barefoot Networks, different use cases for their technology and how the company is changing the game for network performance monitoring. It’s a glimpse into the future of software-defined networking.