How Does Backblaze Do It for $5 a Month?

Backblaze is all about backing up your most important personal or business asset: your data. This means it’s crucial that they have your trust. And one unique way they do that is by being completely honest about their hard drives.

In this RoadCast video, ActualTech Media Partner David Davis talks with Andy Klein, director of product marketing, about how the idea of publishing information about drive failures in their data center came about, and why that gives customers peace of mind in the company.

In the second video, Marketing Director Yev Pusin then goes into detail on how the magic works on the backend, and how Backblaze protects your data through a fascinating process of dividing it up and storing it on 20 different drives distributed throughout their data center. He also discusses the economics of how Backblaze continues to operate when they offer their backup services for so cheap.

Finally, Skip Levens, director of product marketing, then walks David through their Backblaze Fireball data-ingest service, specifically for those with a huge amount of data needing backup. They ship you a 70TB hardware device, onto which you dump your data, then ship it back to them for storage in their cloud. It’s very cool.