Avere Systems’ Latest Edge Filer Handles the Most Demanding Hybrid Cloud Workloads

In the cloud era, it’s all about scale. That’s especially true for extremely intensive workloads that are moving huge amounts of data. And the more intensive the workload, the more crucial the need to manage storage efficiently without sacrificing performance. Because, let’s face it: if your storage can’t keep up with your applications, you don’t have a chance.
I was introduced to Avere at Storage Field Day 11 where they gave us an awesome company overview before diving in deep. If Avere is new to you, the recording of that overview is available here to bring you up to speed!

The FXT 5850

Avere keeps upping its game, and today it is introducing the latest iteration of its innovative FXT Edge filer series, the FXT 5850. The FXT 5850 uses Avere’s “Edge-Core architecture” to separate performance from capacity in both on-premises and hybrid cloud environments.
What kind of workloads can it handle? How about simulating financial trading algorithms at hedge funds, analyzing large genomic sequence files in cancer research, and rendering high-resolution visual effects in movies.
The FXT 5850 gives customers the ability to easily manage large, active data sets and keep pace with today’s business needs. Major enhancements include:

  • More than double the performance with improvement from 4GB/s to 9GB/s aggregate read throughput
  • Double the capacity with twice as much DRAM and SSD as previous generations of the FXT
  • Two and a half times higher network bandwidth with an increase from four 10GbE ports to four 25GbE ports

A quick video gives an overview of some of the performance upgrades of the 5000 series if you’re looking for more details.