Arrcus Provides Networking Choice

Networking is notoriously difficult to do. That’s why, throughout the history of IT, it’s typically been done in a proprietary way, with vendors creating their own hardware and software, then selling it as a closed package.
Arrcus thinks it has a better way to do networking. To explain, Devesh Garg, founder and CEO of Arrcus, spoke with ActualTech Media’s Scott Lowe about his company’s goals. Arrcus has built an independent network operating system, ArcOS, that can be built on any hardware, and that runs on any platform. It’s about being open, Garg says, and these days, customers want options.
But those options don’t have to limit what you can do. ArcOS allows you to build massively scalable infrastructure across physical, virtual, and cloud network environments. Since it was created with open standards, you won’t run into the typical roadblocks when it comes to integration, either. Watch the RoadCast video above to find out more!