ATMCOMIO, Spotlight Series

Alkira Connects You To Any Cloud, Anywhere

David Klebanov, head of product marketing for Alkira, asks a fascinating question during his discussion with ActualTech Media Partner James Green: What if you’d had the chance to design your network with the cloud in mind?
That’s what drove the idea behind Alkira, which offers networking (or network)-as-a-service. As Klebanov explains in this Spotlight Series video, Alkira allows customers to build global networks connecting every part of the their infrastructure, no matter where it lives.
That means Alkira can connect you to public (or private, or hybrid) clouds, across clouds, between clouds, inside the cloud (i.e., multiple regions on the same cloud), and so on. In doing so, Alkira offloads the complex operational nightmare of cloud networking from your staff, freeing them up for more productive, bottom-line-generating activities.
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