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Algoblu Introduces ‘Network Element Virtualization’

“Network Element Virtualization”: It sounds impressive, doesn’t it? In fact, it is impressive, and this new technology from Algoblu can transform your network operations.

As Edward Qin, Chief Product Officer for Algoblu, explains to ActualTech Media Partner/CEO Scott Lowe in this “Spotlight Series” video, Network Element Virtualization (NEV) abstracts away underlying network resources.

The end result of this virtualization is that your network gets faster, cheaper, and more efficient in its operations. In fact, Algoblu states that costs decrease by up to 400%, and operational efficiency increases by 300%!

The secret sauce comes from Algoblu’s new FPGA chip, as Qin explains. It supercharges your network, putting operations in the fast lane.

Click on the video above to watch the whole video and learn more about NEV and Algoblu.