A Distributed File System Installed in 90 Minutes? Peer Software Can Make It Happen

It all sounds so easy, doesn’t it? To get a distributed file system, or DFS, just get rid of all your existing storage, buy one vendor’s solution, and have one ecosystem to worry about, one “throat to choke,” as they say.

Well, Peer Software says it’s important to look past the promises to the reality. Peer thinks it has a better answer with its modern, platform- and storage-agnostic DFS. Peer CEO Jimmy Tam discussed how his company’s solution is superior in this Spotlight Series video with ActualTech Media Moderator Jess Steinbach.

Tam points out that it may sound easy to go with a single vendor, “But from a CFO and COO perspective, it’s very costly, because you have to throw away all your existing storage investments.” Needless to say, that doesn’t lead to great ROI.

In contrast, Peer lets you keep all your investment in storage (including the investment of time and money spent to train employees on these systems). Peer does it in a hurry, too, as it simply lays down its solution on top of what you already have. Says Tam: “It’s seamless–you can literally install a DFS within 90 minutes, with your existing storage.”

To find out more about what Peer Software can do for your file storage, check them out at https://www.peersoftware.com/. To watch the entire video, click here.