098  – Databases in the Public Cloud? Yes, You Can!

Believe it or not, there was a time when virtualizing servers was hard. Not so much anymore. In a way, that’s where we are with databases in the public cloud. It’s hard, and it can be intimidating to make the switch.

When we look back in a few years, though, we may wonder why it seemed so hard to move data from strictly on-premises to off-premises environments.

That’s the subject of this episode of “10 on Tech,” featuring a conversation with Chris Buckel, VP of Business Development for Silk. Silk calls itself the “database supercharger,” and helps migrate databases safely to the cloud. Chris chats with ActualTech Media Partner James Green about the current state of cloud-based data, and what the future holds. (Hint: it’s not as scary as you think).

Highlights of the show include:

  • What “Cloud, Chapter 2” means
  • Why “anchor workloads” could be holding your databases back
  • The challenges of moving databases into the public cloud
  • The top pain points organizations have when moving data to the cloud
  • Primary drivers for choosing a public cloud provider
  • How Silk helps companies move their databases to the cloud

Resource links from the show:

Silk Data homepage — https://silk.us/

3-month free trial of Silk — https://silk.us/request-a-demo

Silk data sheet — https://silk.us/static/3e64f556fb3b07e82877a60bc4ce87bd/Silk-Data-Sheet-Sept4-1.pdf

Silk Case Studies — https://silk.us/success-stories

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