094 – Stateful Apps with Kubernetes Is No Longer Just a Dream

Ionir CEO Jacob Cherian calls his company a “container-native, enterprise software-defined storage and data management platform for Kubernetes.” That’s a mouthful! And it might be hard to even grasp what all that means.

That’s why Cherian had a talk with ActualTech Media Partner James Green. In this episode of “10 on Tech,” they discuss how Ionir’s product overcomes the traditional limitation of running stateful applications across containerized/Kubernetes environments.

Stateless apps have always been easier to use with containers, but the necessity of persistent data for some apps has made architecture much more complicated. Using Ionir, that’s no longer the case. Listen in to find out more.

Highlights of the show include:

  • The changing nature of data
  • The problems of data portability and persistent volumes
  • How Data Teleport handles Reads and Writes
  • The importance of minimizing Reads on demand
  • Improving the Continuous Integration/Continuous Delivery (CI/CD) development model
  • The breakthrough of converting a storage stack into a microservices architecture

Resource links from the show:

Ionir homepage — https://ionir.com/

Get early access to Ionir — https://ionir.com/early-access-program/

About Data Teleport — https://ionir.com/blog/introducing-data-teleport-instant-data-mobility/

Why tightly-coupled containers and microservices are a must in achieving cloud-native storage — https://ionir.com/blog/why-tightly-coupled-containers-and-microservices-are-a-must-in-achieving-cloud-native-storage/

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