091  – Minimizing Cloud ‘Sticker Shock’

It’s becoming an increasingly common story: a company moves some operations and data to the cloud, figuring all its problems will be solved.

Then the bill comes. Heart attacks ensue. And just as swiftly, the company pulls back from the cloud.

It doesn’t have to be that way, according to Dave Birmingham, Senior Technical Evangelist, SIOS Technology Corp. He chats with ActualTech Media Partner James Green about the proper way to move to the cloud on this episode of “10 on Tech.” They discuss how to not get burned financially, as well as advice on choosing the right cloud deployment and management options.

Highlights of the show include:

  • The reasons companies fail in cloud deployments
  • Reserved and spot instances in the cloud, and how they can save you money
  • Cloud Availability Zones, what they are, and how they impact your operations
  • The hidden danger of cloud egress fees and how to avoid them
  • Backup and recovery in the cloud

Resource links from the show:

SIOS homepage — https://us.sios.com/

Try SIOS for free — https://us.sios.com/san-sanless-clusters/free-trial-evaluation-san-sanless-clusters/

Schedule a SIOS demo — https://us.sios.com/demo-request/

SIOS DataKeeper — https://us.sios.com/products/windows/datakeeper-standard/

SIOS Case Studies — https://us.sios.com/sios-resources/?_sfm_item_category=Case%20Study

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