086 – Kubernetes Grows Up

How is Kubernetes like the virtualization industry? They both got their start as niche technologies, but as their usefulness became evident, they started to get more mainstream adoption. That led to more development of the technology, extending it further, which led to more adoption, and so on.

Kubernetes today experiencing a similar growth curve, argues Rancher CMO Peter Smails in this episode of “10 on Tech.” He discusses Kubernetes’ past, present, and future with ActualTech Media Partner James Green.

Kubernetes, although it’s still a nascent technology, is rapidly gaining footholds in the enterprise as it’s the best way to orchestrate containers. With that growth comes the need to manage Kubernetes. You have options there, and Peter and James go into detail on what they are.

Highlights of the show include:

  • An overview of the container and Kubernetes landscape
  • Why Kubernetes needs to be managed
  • The top contenders in the Kubernetes management space
  • Why Rancher’s solution is 100% open source and cloud native
  • How Kubernetes is growing organically in the enterprise

Resource links from the show:

Rancher home — https://rancher.com/

Rancher learning paths — https://rancher.com/learning-paths/

Rancher tutorials — https://rancher.com/tutorials/

Rancher architecture — https://rancher.com/tutorials/

How to build an enterprise Kubernetes strategy — https://info.rancher.com/how-to-build-enterprise-kubernetes-strategy

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