082 – It’s Been 34 Days: Do You Still Have the Boss’s Email?

It’s the nightmare scenario for every admin: the CEO has deleted an email related to a multi-million dollar project, and needs it back. The hitch: he deleted it 34 days ago, and your Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) provider only provides 30 days’ worth of backups.

Uh oh.

This is an issue that organizations using SaaS applications need to consider, and far too few of them do. That’s why Dan Timko, Chief Strategy Officer, J2 Global, is chatting with ActualTech Media Partner James Green on this edition of “10 on Tech.”

They dive into the hidden issues with SaaS backup, and why it’s imperative that you understand what your provider is responsible for, and what you’re responsible for. It may open your eyes.

Highlights of the show include:

  • How backup has changed in the SaaS era
  • Why companies often pay less attention to backups for SaaS applications
  • The options you have for SaaS backup
  • The things you must find out from your SaaS backup provider
  • Expense vs. company impact of SaaS backup

 Resource links from the show:

 J2 Global — https://www.j2global.com/

Jim Cramer on J2 Global — https://www.j2global.com/about/news/jim-cramer-on-j2-global-a-4-8b-digital-powerhouse/

More about J2 Global — https://www.j2global.com/about

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