078 – Ditching AWS for Render

You may think of the public cloud as an “easy” button, something that takes the pain out of application development, for example. The reality is that it can make things harder—much harder.

That was the experience of Anurag Goel, Founder/CEO of Render, a unified cloud platform for building and running applications and websites. Goel found that it took so many steps to get anything done on Amazon Web Services (AWS) that he was wasting time learning things like Kubernetes and Terraform and building continuous integration/continuous delivery pipelines, instead of building stuff.

Goel chats with the idea behind Render with ActualTech Media Partner James Green on this episode of “10 on Tech.” He sums up his company’s mission like this: “We automate all of the stuff you have to do manually on AWS.” It’s a fascinating look into the power of automation in a way you may not have thought of.

Highlights of the show include:

  • How Render got its start
  • The challenges developers and DevOps teams face with keeping infrastructure running
  • The hoops a typical developer has to jump through to build apps on AWS
  • The reality that many developers build insecure, unstable apps because they don’t have a functional, easy-to-use platform

Resource links from the show:

Render homepage — https://render.com/

Documentation — https://render.com/docs

Render examples on GitHub — https://github.com/render-examples

Pricing — https://render.com/pricing

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