076 – Multi-Cloud Management Fundamentals

The public cloud, contrary to perception, doesn’t make management easier; in most cases, it’s just the opposite, according to Wally McDermid, VP Cloud Business Development for Scality. And when it comes to multi-cloud scenarios, things just get hairier.

Wally discusses these difficulties with ActualTech Media Partner James Green in this episode of “10 on Tech.” It includes these key features needed in a proper multi-cloud management tool:

  • Small number of APIs
  • Data stored in an open, readable format
  • Deployment flexibility, both on-premises and in the cloud
  • An open source version available, to avoid lock-in

Wally also details some of Scality’s success stories and how they’ve saved customers both grief and money.

Highlights of the show include:

  • Why data is the most challenging part of multi-cloud management
  • Applications don’t change often, but data does—and quickly
  • The growing problem of government regulations
  • Why fewer APIs are better
  • How customers are using Scality to manage their clouds

Resource links from the show:

Scality homepage — https://www.scality.com/

The Zenko GitHub project — https://github.com/scality/Zenko

Zenko sandbox environment — https://www.zenko.io/try-zenko/

Solved: The Scality Magazine — https://www.scality.com/solved/

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