071 – Even SMBs Can Have a Data Warehouse

The reality is that every business knows it needs to do more with its data. The problem is that this reality bumps into another reality, especially for smaller companies—the lack of resources to implement full data infrastructure.

Automation to the rescue! Offloading this chore can enable organizations of all sizes to build data structures that will help their bottom line. One of the vendors that can do that is WhereScape, and its CTO, Neil Barton, is the guest on this edition of “10 on Tech.”

Neil chats with ActualTech Media Partner James Green about how to implement a strategy to build things like data warehouses and data marts by letting someone else do the heavy lifting. Even if you’re a small company, this is within your reach. Listen in to learn how.

Highlights of the show include:

  • The critical importance of automation for getting a handle on data
  • How the cloud enables data warehousing on a small scale that wasn’t feasible before
  • The WhereScape value proposition of automating the full lifecycle of data infrastructure
  • Why data is the “new oil”
  • How to start small and build your data warehouses in a slow, gradual manner

Resource links from the show:

WhereScape — https://www.wherescape.com/

WhereScape Demo — https://www.wherescape.com/request-a-demo/

Contact WhereScape — https://www.wherescape.com/contact-us/

WhereScape Automation Software — https://www.wherescape.com/solutions/automation-software/

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