069 – Security Via Addresses and Ports Is Dead

“This notion that address and port mean something is long since over.” That provocative statement about network security comes from Peter Smith, founder/CEO of Edgewise, as he spoke with ActualTech Media Partner James Green about Zero Trust on this episode of “10 on Tech.”

Peter’s talking about the new software-defined era of computing that uses dynamically-assigned addresses and ports, which are constantly changing. Securing this shifting network environment almost demands a Zero Trust mindset. On this episode, James and Peter dive into the deep end of the Zero Trust pool, unpacking what it really means and how to finally get there.

Highlights of the show include:

  • The background behind the “Zero Trust” concept
  • Why using software and identity is the best way to secure networks
  • How to find a piece of software’s “digital fingerprint,” and what it means for security
  • How “adaptive segments” help security
  • The way in which Edgewise uses “auto segmentation” to help scale its solution

Resource links from the show:

Edgewise home — https://www.edgewise.net/

“Will It Defend?” videos — https://www.edgewise.net/will-it-defend

Request an Edgewise demo — https://www.edgewise.net/request-a-demo

Zero Trust segmentation — https://www.edgewise.net/zero-trust-segmentation

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