067 – ‘Zero Trust’ in Multi-cloud Environments

The concept of “zero trust” is becoming the standard security model in the industry, and that’s a great thing. But zero trust also comes with its own set of challenges; one of the biggest is scaling, especially when the environment extends beyond the on-premises boundaries of the traditional data center.

Security vendor Aporeto has an answer to that challenge, and CMO Gregg Holzrichter discusses it with ActualTech Media Partners James Green and Scott Lowe on this special “Live from VMworld” edition of “10 on Tech.”

Aporeto enables distributed security policies across virtual machines, containers, and more, and works in multi-cluster, multi-cloud scenarios. If you’re concerned about your application security in the cloud, this episode is for you.

Highlights of the show include:

  • How VMware’s announcements around Kubernetes and containers at VMworld 2019 will affect security
  • How the paradigm for authentication and access control has evolved over the years, especially with the shift away from on-premises computing
  • The huge increase in security breaches and what it means for organizations
  • The need for automated processes in security, to allow for scale
  • Aporeto’s application identification “fingerprint” and how it works
  • Typical hurdles toward securing container/Kubernetes environments
  • The ways in which Aporeto supports multi-cluster containers at scale, across multiple clouds

Resource links from the show:

Aporeto home — https://www.aporeto.com/

Aporeto free trial — https://www.aporeto.com/trial/

Get an Aporeto demo — https://www.aporeto.com/request-a-demo/

Aporeto on the AWS Marketplace — https://aws.amazon.com/marketplace/pp/B07JCF1K2X

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