066 – Achieving High Availability for Your Cloud Apps Through Clustering

There are plenty of people who believe that the public cloud somehow confers availability to applications by its very nature. But that’s a myth—and a potentially dangerous one as well, because you may find out, via a call from the boss, that the mission-critical app you’re hosting on Amazon Web Services isn’t as, uh, resilient as you thought.

The reality is that app availability in the cloud, and especially high availability, has to be carefully researched and planned for. It has to be strictly implemented, too, and then monitored. Just being “in the cloud,” in other words, isn’t a silver bullet for making sure your app stays online.

Jerry Melnick, President and CEO of SIOS, understands this reality. On this episode of “10 on Tech,” he chats with ActualTech Media Partner James Green about how to get true high availability for apps in the cloud via clustering.

Highlights of the show include:

  • What application “high availability” actually means
  • How the idea of high availability has changed over the years
  • How “availability” differs from “high availability”
  • The complexity involved in high availability clustering
  • Top myths about app availability in the cloud, including the myth that the cloud somehow creates availability
  • Resources for education on application availability

Resource links from the show:

SIOS website — https://us.sios.com/

Clustering for mere mortals — https://clusteringformeremortals.com/

SIOS free trial — https://us.sios.com/san-sanless-clusters/free-trial-evaluation-san-sanless-clusters/

SIOS product briefs — https://us.sios.com/sios-resources/?_sfm_item_category=Product%20Brief

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