062 – The Evolution of Storage from Tape to Cloud

In the IT world, tape has been around for almost as long as storage itself. It’s proven itself to be cheap and reliable; because of that, it still has significant market share.

But is it still a viable solution for today’s enterprises? That’s the question ActualTech Media’s James Green puts to Dan Keldsen, Director Of Customer Innovation for Wasabi.

Keldsen applauds tape’s past, but he believes that cloud storage is the future, and explains why. He also compares the “big guns” in public cloud with Wasabi’s offering, and how companies with open minds can save a bundle in terms of both cost and speed.

Show highlights include:

  • A brief history of tape storage
  • How tape has evolved as a storage medium
  • Why tape has remained a legitimate solution for decades
  • Is tape dead now? Should it be?
  • The rise of cloud storage
  • Differentiating storage in Cloud 1.0 from Cloud 2.0
  • Comparing Amazon Web Services (AWS) storage with Wasabi Hot Cloud Storage
  • The advantages of eliminating storage tiers
  • What “slingshotting” means as it relates to storage

Resource Links:

Tape to Cloud – https://wasabi.com/tape-to-cloud/

Backup and Recovery – https://wasabi.com/backup-and-recovery/

5 Cloud Storage Predictions for 2019 – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BvYD_itO2Ko&feature=youtu.be

Wasabi – https://wasabi.com/

Free Trial – https://wasabi.com/sign-up/

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