058 – Why You Should NOT Eat Like a 6-year-old

“Things that can be automated, should be automated.” That’s Sinequa’s philosophy as described by Scott Parker, director of product marketing. Sinequa specializes in “information-driven” data, as opposed to “data driven.”

It’s the difference, Parker tells ActualTech Media’s James Green, behind Warren Buffet’s famous quote that he “eats like a 6-year-old” because he saw data that showed that those children have the lowest death rate.

In other words, making your data useful is all about context. Information-driven data is supplied with context to make better decisions, and it’s done in an automated fashion rather than a wasteful manual fashion. What does that mean? Parker lays it all out in this edition of “10 on Tech.”

Highlights of the show include:

  • An exploration of the “cognitive burden” for companies
  • Data-driven vs. information-driven: what’s the difference?
  • The benefits—and limitations—of artificial intelligence
  • Artificial intelligence’s “last mile” problem
  • How an organization becomes information driven
  • Case studies of successful information-driven businesses

Resource links from the show:

Sinequa — https://www.sinequa.com/

The Benefits of Becoming Information-Driven Using AI & Machine Learning — https://www.sinequa.com/become-information-driven-sinequa/

Insight Platform Overview — https://www.sinequa.com/insight-platform-2/

Becoming Information-Driven Begins with Pragmatic AI — https://blog.sinequa.com/2019/07/11/idc-pragmatic-ai/

Surfing the Cognitive Search Wave (as a Leader) Again — https://blog.sinequa.com/2019/05/29/surfing-the-cognitive-search-wave/

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