058 – The Tyranny of Storage Tiers

Cloud storage is typically defined in three tiers – hot, warm, and cold. Those tiers also affect how much you pay for them, and how quickly you can retrieve your data. It’s a system that many organizations accept and use without thinking.

But Wasabi believes that it doesn’t have to be that way. They’ve come up with what they believe is a far superior system of having one hot tier for all your data. Dan Keldsen, Director Of Customer Innovation for Wasabi, explains to ActualTech Media Partner James Green why the idea of separate storage tiers is old-school thinking.

Show highlights include:

  • A quick history of storage tiers
  • A definition of the three primary tiers: hot, warm, and cold
  • Why these tiers are a trap
  • How the exploding number of data sources complicates tiering
  • Why having one tier makes Wasabi much cheaper and faster than AWS
  • The danger of clinging too tightly to “best practices”

Resource Links:

Wasabi – https://wasabi.com/

Wasabi Pricing – https://wasabi.com/pricing/

Free Trial – https://wasabi.com/sign-up/

Wasabi Case Studies – https://wasabi.com/resources/?case-study#

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