057 - Media and Entertainment With a Cloud Storage Foundation

The media and entertainment industries are one of the fields seeing the most rapid growth of data. High-resolution video is the standard now, and that resolution is getting higher and higher all the time, including 4k and 8k and even higher resolution.

And all that data needs to be stored somewhere. But not only stored; it needs to be available for quick, even immediate, access. That’s one reason that tape as a storage medium is falling out of favor. What do those companies do now?

In this episode of “10 on Tech,” Whit Jackson, VP Media & Entertainment for Wasabi, discusses the special challenges media and entertainment companies face with ActualTech Media’s James Green.

Show highlights include:

  • What the 5g rollout will mean to media consumption, and therefore storage systems
  • Why traditional, on-premises storage is becoming overwhelmed
  • How cloud competes with tape as a storage medium today
  • Your options for moving on-premises storage to the public cloud
  • The special challenges media and entertainment companies with their needs to store and retrieve massive amounts of data
  • How media and entertainment companies can save huge by using Wasabi hot cloud storage

Resource Links:

Wasabi: Media and Entertainment — https://wasabi.com/media-and-entertainment/

The Media Innovation Cloud Alliance — https://wasabi.com/mica

Wasabi — https://wasabi.com/

Free Trial — https://wasabi.com/sign-up/

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