056 - How Wasabi Is Disrupting Cloud Storage

You know the cloud isn’t going anywhere, right? And you know that your company needs to develop a cloud strategy sooner rather than later. Despite that knowledge, many, many companies are still reluctant to get started.

A big reason why is that it can be intimidating to even know where to start. What’s the simplest, least risky, and most cost-effective way to kick off your cloud adventure? That’s the topic discussed on this episode of “10 on Tech”, which features Wasabi’s Jim Donovan.

Jim talks with ActualTech Media’s James Green on how to grease your company’s wheels to provide a smooth onramp to the public cloud. He also shows you how to minimize classic cloud risks of cost and efficiency.

Show highlights include:

  • Why storage is a good entry point to the cloud
  • The economics of cloud backup/disaster recovery
  • Compatibility of object storage with the public cloud
  • The feasibility of moving data between public clouds
  • The hidden impact of data egress fees
  • Concrete steps organizations can take to get into the cloud

Resource Links:

Wasabi — https://wasabi.com/

Free Trial — https://wasabi.com/sign-up/

Wasabi Product Solutions — https://wasabi.com/resources/?solution#

The Wasabi Cloud Storage Blog — https://wasabi.com/blog/

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