054 – You Can’t Trust Anyone!

Zero trust. It sounds harsh, doesn’t it? But when it comes to your network, it’s the best way to handle security. Zero trust means assuming that anyone on your network, whether inside or outside, has harmful intentions. If you think about it that way, you’re more likely to lock your network down properly.

That’s what Don Boxley believes. Boxley, CEO/Co-founder of security company DH2i, discusses the idea of zero trust with ActualTech Media’s James Green. He also announces a new network security product: DxConnect. He explains what DxConnect does, and why it matters.

Show highlights include:

  • What “zero trust” means in practice
  • How to control privileged user access
  • The ways in which your network is like a castle with a moat (and why the moat may not be enough to protect you anymore)
  • The advantages of DxConnect
  • The crucial importance of securing edge communications
  • DxConnect licensing details

Resource links from the show:

More about DxConnect:

DxConnect has the following features and benefits.

  • Micro-Perimeters – Application-level micro-tunnels give network admins and developers the ability to create micro-perimeters to segment by application, not by network.
    • Eliminates lateral network attacks
    • Unifies HTTP, SSH and inter-microservice connectivity
    • Users/services/devices get fast, direct access to applications and services
  • Discreet Invisibility – Randomly generated non-standard UDP ports for dynamic on-demand micro-tunnel communications.
    • Virtually eliminates network attack surfaces
    • Users/services/devices are cloaked and secured with no open ports
    • Applications and services are invisible to “bad actors”
  • Multi-Cloud Ready – Designed to enable secure “from any host, to any host, anywhere” application data communications with application-level DTLS encrypted micro tunnels and Public Key Authentication.
    • Scales across hybrid/multi-cloud environments
    • Leverages native cloud platform capabilities
    • Consistent policies and auditing across hybrid/multi-cloud
    • No cloud vendor lock-in
  • Smart Availability – Dynamic movement of micro-tunnel gateways and application workloads with automatic self-healing fault detection and failover.
    • Automates and orchestrates micro-tunnel and workload creation and location
    • Enables an “always-secure and always-on” application infrastructure
  • Open API – Lightweight software with open API that runs on any Linux or Windows host.
    • Enables secure interconnection to be built into a DevOps toolchain
    • Supports Kubernetes, Docker, Chef, Puppet and more for scaling cloud-native apps
    • Hardens existing network security infrastructure (e.g. MFA, SIEM, EMM, SSO) and paths to data and services

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