045 – Getting to Public Cloud Doesn’t Have to Hurt

You probably realize that moving part or all of your IT operations to the public cloud isn’t easy. But even with that understanding, it’s still harder than you think. That’s why Root Level Technology exists, and they’re our guests on this edition of “10 on Tech.”

Root Level Technology CTO Eric Fouarge talks with ActualTech Media’s James Green about the advantages of public cloud, including the reasons you may – or may not, in some cases – make the leap. He also discusses the importance of understanding your infrastructure and applications before making that leap, so you don’t make it into the dark.

Highlights of the show include:

  • Some of the reasons companies want to incorporate public cloud
  • The specific phases necessary to move applications and infrastructure to public cloud
  • The best applications for re-platforming to the cloud
  • Trends in security and automation, including Kubernetes and containers

Resource links from the show:

Root Level Technology — https://rootleveltech.com/

Risc Networks — https://www.riscnetworks.com/

Kubernetes — https://kubernetes.io/

The Root Level Blog — https://rootleveltech.com/blog/

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