042 – Career Advice From the CTO Advisor

Keith Townsend is one of the most prominent members of the IT community, with a long and varied background spanning multiple years and many job roles. Having recently joined VMware, he’s now added “vendor employee” to his list of titles.

In this episode of “10 on Tech,” ActualTech Media Partner James Green chats with Keith about IT careers. Keith also discusses VMware’s changing role in the cloud era, and the pros and cons of the various IT jobs he’s had. If you’re thinking about IT as a career, or a job change within your IT career, this is a must-hear episode.

Highlights of the show include:

  • Possible IT career paths
  • How he built his consultancy of CTO Advisor
  • How and why he joined VMware
  • Where VMware fits in the multi-cloud environment
  • Advice for those considering a career move

Resource links from the show:

The CTO Advisor — https://www.thectoadvisor.com/

VMware — https://www.vmware.com

Keith Townsend on Twitter — @CTOAdvisor

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