035 - Tear It Down, Build It Up: Software Composable Infrastructure (w/DriveScale)

“We can do for clusters what VMware did for servers.” It’s a bold claim, but that’s what DriveScale aims for, and they’re our guest on this week’s episode of the “10 on Tech” podcast from ActualTech Media.

DriveScale Founder and Chief Scientist Tom Lyon, along with CTO Brian Pawlowski, discuss why software composable infrastructure is the future of computing. They chat with ActualTech Media Partner James Green about the underlying principles of this cutting-edge technology and how their customers are making data centers more efficient and less costly.

Interview highlights include:

• A definition of software composable infrastructure
• The ways software composable infrastructure is similar to virtualization – and how it differs
• Why their solution is software-only
• The limitations of traditional spinning disk storage
• Why Non-Volatile Memory Express (NVMe) is crucial in enabling their solution

Resource links:

• DriveScale – https://drivescale.com/

• DriveScale Solution Brief – https://drivescale.com/solution-brief-2/

• Discussion of NVMe – https://www.actualtech.io/top-10-things-need-know-nvme-devices/

• ActualTech Media Blog – Actualtech.io

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