011 - Emad Younis on VCSA Migration

VMware has been pushing hard for the adoption of the vCenter Server Appliance over the original Windows-based deployment model for a few major releases of the product. As of recently, the VCSA has reached feature parity with the Windows version and there are many very good reasons to adopt a VCSA-based vCenter design. Once of the many challenges with adoption has been that brownfield migration from a Windows vCenter Server to the VCSA is challenging at best.

I’m pleased to have a longer-than-normal episode with Emad Younis to discuss this important announcement: Emad blogged about a week and a half ago on the VMware blog about the release of vSphere 6.0 Update 2m « the ‘m’ stands for “migration.” Update 2m provides a supported, GUI-based method of migrating from a Windows vCenter Server to the VCSA while everything remains intact – the basics like inventory and policies, but also historic performance and alarm data if you’d like! This is exciting for many customers, so I decided to waive the 10-minute episode regulation and dig in a little further. Please enjoy this great talk with Emad!