VMworld 2018 Highlights Seven Key 2018 Tech Trends

The annual virtualization confab will feature many of IT trends for 2018—containers, 5G and edge computing— that are critical for IT managers to consider.

It’s been said that IT infrastructure isn’t sexy anymore. Many in the technology industry now regard the application layer as the hotspot for innovation and agility.
But over the past several years, IT infrastructure has helped drive important advances in IT speed, agility, security and innovation. With new capabilities like networking virtualization and networking programmability, 5G technology and edge computing, as well as other new trends, IT infrastructure has earned back some of its lost mojo.
At VMworld 2018, the focus will be on how new infrastructure technologies have enabled business processes and innovation—and some of the developments yet to come as these technologies mature.

No. 1 2018 tech trend: Maximizing virtualization and consolidation ratios

While most IT organizations have virtualized their server infrastructure to enable rapid change, better server utilization and cloud architecture, many still need to take virtualization to the next level. Server virtualization entails virtualizing hardware into software—known as virtual machines (VMs). These VMs mimic the functionality of hardware, while enabling better resource utilization, with many VMs dedicated to one physical server.
Still, while many companies have begun the server virtualization journey, they haven’t exploited virtual infrastructure to its full potential. They could attain further benefits through greater consolidation and other steps.
For example, most companies can further maximize virtual infrastructure by taking these steps…
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