Verge: Virtualize Your Entire Data Center

Remember the first time you used virtualization? If you’re like most IT pros, that moment stayed with you, as it opened your eyes to new possibilities of what could be done. And now, Verge wants you to have that experience again, only on a much larger scale.

Verge CEO Yan Ness explains what Verge is and how it works during this Spotlight Series interview with ActualTech Media Partner David Davis. Verge, he says, “Allows you to treat an entire data center like VMware originally allowed you to treat a server: pick it up, move it around, shut it down, clone it, spin it up, expand it, shrink it… we brought that whole notion to the data center.”

Basically, Verge is a thin operating system that virtualizes all aspects of the data center, allowing total flexibility and the ability to create secure, multi-tenant private clouds for your infrastructure.

Ness says that encapsulates, in a single piece of software (running on commodity hardware), the entire data center, “… bringing simplicity sanity to building out private clouds and virtual data centers.”

Go to for more information or to take it for a test drive. You can watch the entire interview by clicking here.