ATMCOMIO, Spotlight Series

Vcinity Provides LAN Speeds for Data Access—No Matter Where the Data Lives

“Local Performance on a Global Scale.” That’s the promise made on the Vcinity website. Does it sound too good to be true? That’s what they discuss on this episode of ActualTech Media’s Spotlight Series of videos.
Vcinity VP of Marketing Noemi Greyzdorf spoke with ActualTech Media CEO and Partner Scott Lowe about how it works. Vcinity essentially brings together compute and data from wherever, no matter how widely distributed, and provides instant access across WANs and MANs that feels like it’s on a LAN.
Vcinity eliminates the traditional lag time for data access, which limits your ability to glean insights from the data, and hence increases your time to value. Vcinity, Greyzdorf explains, enables organizations to deploy resources where it makes the most sense, and to access and process the data wherever it is—without having to move the data at all.
To learn more, click on the video above and watch the entire interview.