Speeding Cloud-Native App Development with Rockset

Building cloud-native applications is much different than using traditional software development methods. Cloud-native apps by nature are distributed, and need fast access to data to function well.
The founders of the startup Rockset, which just came out of stealth, understand that, and built a serverless analytics and search platform to handle that challenge. It’s complicated, but at a high level, Rockset ingests raw data and allows it to be used by applications much faster than older models in which the data needed a schema, complex pipelines and other massaging that make it unsuitable for web-scale processing.
Dhruba Borthakur, co-founder/CTO of Rockset, spoke with ActualTech Media’s David Davis about what his company does and how its data platform can change the game for enterprises.
Next, co-founder/CEO Venkat Venkataramani takes David through the ways in which Rockset makes it easy to, as he says, “Go from useful data to useful applications.” He notes how complex traditional data management systems are, and why a new paradigm is needed for a new era. It involves implementing very fast SQL on raw data, bypassing the bottlenecks that slow down applications. He also details Rockset’s history and financial backing.